An Introduction to Training Your Rhodesian Ridgeback

Training some dogs can be a very difficult and straining process. It can take weeks or even months to get them to respond to your chosen one word commands, or even just master the task of becoming housebroken. If you have compared different breeds, and done your research, you will find the process much easier with a Rhodesian Ridgeback. They have a level of intelligence and instinct that is arguably the most unique in all of dogdom. This set of attributes will assist you in your future training.

Although classified as hounds and typically thought of as “hunters”, much of their heritage comes from having been bred as working dogs, which means you will want to start training them when they are very young puppies. Some people hire personal trainers, enroll their dogs in obedience school, or use books or DVDs to help do the training. Each method can work, should you know what to do and be consistent!

This breed is driven by its desire to fit into the pack. That gives you a particular advantage. Harshness is not required of this breed, as they are “wired” for a sense of social structure – what it means to live amongst its peers. If you have ever observed a properly socialized Ridgeback carefully, you’ll immediately recognize a certain dignity in their interactions. The task of house breaking, training for household ettiqute and fitting into new social structures will be more of a pleasure, than a drain on your patience. Whats more, the more socialized through the training process your Ridgeback puppy becomes, the simpler it is to introduce him to new adventures in learning.